Guwahati | 20 Jan, 2023 (2 months ago)

Property Law

issue with neighbour renting out flat to bachelor

My opp flat owner is not staying in the complex and just few months back he let out his flat for commercial activity to garment stiching unit with around 10-12 labourers .We remaining 5 flat owners objected to it and complained to gmc .but after that they told they will vacate and after 2 months of waiting they vacated. Though we are not registered society but we the 5 remaining flat owners we have decided to let out flat to only families, but this person is not agreeing and now he wants to let it to 5-6 bachelor guys which will really create nuisance in the building as you know the charecteristics of bachelors . So how can we prevent him from doing so .pls advice any way out

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