Bengaluru | 07 Jul, 2021 (1 year, 8 months ago)

Property Law

Indemnity clause in absolute sale deed of property

I am seller(vendor) of a property, given below is one clause in absolute sale deed (draft) . There is indemnity clause to indemnify purchaser against encumbrance made by the Vendors or any of their predecessors. I think any indemnification by me for encumbrances done by my predecessor property owners is not valid, am I correct?? Thanks Clause Woding: And that the Vendors does hereby Covenant and agree with the PURCHASER to save harmless and indemnify the PURCHASER against all losses or damages which they might sustain or incur in respect of any encumbrance made by the Vendors or any of their predecessors in title or in respect of any other claims that may be put forward to the Schedule ‘B’ & ‘C’ Property in respect of any arrears of Corporation Taxes, Assessments, or in respect of any other charges or lien or any attachments made by any Court of Law and further the Vendors does hereby covenant that they have not done or knowingly suffered or has been a party to any act whereby the Schedule ‘B’ & C’ Property hereby conveyed are or may be encumbered in title, estate or otherwise how so ever or whereby they Schedule Property to the PURCHASER in terms of this deed.

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