Pune | 15 Jul, 2021 (1 year, 10 months ago)

Property Law

If Sister takes money for relinquish dead but doesn't sign

Sister asked for money to sign on relinquish dead and notary MOU documents. However once amount credited into her account she refused to sign and takes original relinquish documents.
16 Jul, 2021 | 06:42

Relinquishment deed required to be registered as per principal of law.
you can mail me for advise

15 Jul, 2021 | 22:17


Get document registered

Asker 15 Jul, 2021 | 22:23

we made two dociments 1 Registered Notary in which we have her thumb and sign and clause which states if she refused to complate vina mobadla hakkasod then she needs to return all amount which she get and also hakkasod fee which I paid. however she has vinamobadla hakkasod patra on which her sign and thumb is there only sub registrar part was pending she took document and escape from that.


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