Navi Mumbai | 23 Mar, 2021 (2 years ago)

Property Law

I need advise regarding brokerage to be paid on renewal of my rental agreement

I rented my apartment in Sanpada, Navi Mumbai last year and the lease is up for renewal. The contract expired on 28-feb-2021. Now I'm negotiating the renewal with my landlord on my own. I paid brokerage to my broker last year when I rented the apartment and he included a clause saying that I need to pay brokerage on renewal, but he as a 'broker' is not a party to the agreement and it doesn't mention anywhere the Name or address of the broker. Do I need to pay him brokerage for renewal? He's threatening legal action because of the clause. But nowhere does it mention that he's the broker. He was only a witness to the agreement in his individual capacity and as far as I know, no legal rights are conferred on a witness just because he is a witness.

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