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I have a small legal query regarding inheritance rights involving the son of a '

This query is regarding inheritance rights involving the son of a 'deceased daughter' in the self-acquired property of a Hindu Male who died intestate. A Hindu male (referred in the Query as 'Maternal Grandfather') died intestate in 1995 with a self-earned house in Lucknow (State - U.P.) leaving behind one wife (Nani of the claimant), 2 sons & 2 daughters. His wife(Nani) expired in 2015, thereafter one of the daughters expired in 2019? The self-earned house (immovable property) in question is currently in possession of the two sons, as both daughters are married living with their in-laws. Kindly explain in the light of amendments to Hindu Succession Act, 2005. (Since, 2 sons are insisting for partition of the house through family settlement deed in a unilateral manner denying any share to son of deceased daughter.) Also please clarify whether adverse possession can be claimed in this case by the two sons of maternal grandfather(Nana) in order to deny share of inheritance of the son of the deceased daughter(i.e.) maternal grandson? Can the son of a 'deceased daughter' claim any inheritance rights over the self-earned house of his 'maternal grandfather' (Nana)?
13 Oct, 2021 | 06:41

Dear client
As per your submission it reveals that this is a matter of partition and separate possession as per Hindu succession Act
Please give me details information about the matter then we will discuss your case
You can email me for advise on

Asker 13 Oct, 2021 | 10:29

Email sent with all details

12 Oct, 2021 | 23:48

For any assistance, feel free to contact me on my e-mail "shubhampabbiadv@gmail.com"

Shubham Pabbi & Associates

Asker 13 Oct, 2021 | 10:16

Sent you email, please check.


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