Chennai | 11 Jun, 2021 (1 year, 11 months ago)

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I have a doubt in daughter share in father’s property as per sunni muslim law. W

I have a doubt in daughter share in father’s property as per sunni muslim law. We have five sister and two brothers my father expired in the year 1990 and the properties was bought my father with his hard earned money he bought more than three commercial properties in the top cities now all the properties was owned by my late father and mother properties now occupied by my own two brothers and fetching rent from the last 30 years. In my knowledge my father bought 3 commercial properties which have more 6 ground of land with buildings. my brother got signature from all my sisters through cheating by saying that I spend all your marriage expenditure but they spend in my marriage only through my father property rent only now they own the properties and also registered in their names. Now, I want justice revoke the registration and divide the share as per law. How can I claim my share legally as per sunni muslim law I wanted to know and how can claim my rights.
11 Jun, 2021 | 20:26

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11 Jun, 2021 | 20:26

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