Chennai | 10 Mar, 2021 (1 year, 9 months ago)

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How to verify power of attorney documents which was given before November 2009.

Hello I am Anand from chennai..I want to buy a house in Chennai chithalapakkam. It is a Tamil Nadu housing board area.According to the documents we have, in 1997 a lady Kamala bought land from tamilnadu housing board.. then she gave power of attorney to Ganesh ( Ganesh constructions)in October 2009.. then in 2010 Ganesh constructed a house and sold it to Saravanan.. now we are planning to buy the resale house from Saravanan. He went to abroad in march 2021. So he gave power of attorney to his wife seetha.. Then we checked EC online... It has only 3 entries . First entry is Name of the executants- tamilnadu housing board Name of the claimant s- Kamala Second entry Name of the executants- 1. Kamala. 2. Ganesh Name of the claimant s- saravanan Third entry is - power of attorney deed Name of the executants- Saravanan Name of the claimant s- seetha..why the power of attorney entry of Kamala to Ganesh is not in EC.. but power of attorney entry of Saravanan to seetha is available.. Where to check and verify that power of attorney documents.. Because if Kamala cancelled the power of attorney before Ganesh sell to Saravanan, then all are not valid .. right?

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