Mumbai | 11 Jun, 2021 (1 year, 7 months ago)

Property Law

How Can I protect my Tenancy Rights protect in my Aunt's House ?

I am Smitesh K. Kadam, a Resident of Parel, Mumbai City. I want to ask you that Can I have the Rights in Legal Tenancy as well as in Property Claim in the Pagadi System (Lease Hold) Home for being there a resident for more than 31 Years ? Because the house were belonging to My demised Aunt Uncle Shri. Sakharam B. Jadhav & Smt. Jayavanti S. Jadhav where I am residing with them from my childhood but my name has been put up in the Ration Card in the 31/08/2007 by my Aunt as she was Ration Card Holder and also have my Voter ID in Wadala Constituency (in Election records) issued on 08/07/2009 but my aunt's 2 sons and their wives were harassing me to leave that house by many ways like putting false Complaints in Police Stations by their wives or now using small small things to argue with me by using their 2 daughters (All matured) in front of me too. So Can you suggest me the relevant Clauses / Sections under which I can Protect my Rights, Because due to Pandemic Situations, I even have Lost my Work as well as My Savings are also getting Zero right now ?
11 Jun, 2021 | 12:29

Yes kadam sahab
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