Nongpoh | 23 Feb, 2022 (1 year ago)

Property Law

Hello my name is bonifast our land has been sold by someone unknown to other unb

Our land has been sold by someone unknown to other someone unknown buyer and we get the information today but we have the original copy of the property.
23 Feb, 2022 | 21:48

Please reach me at 9794148274

23 Feb, 2022 | 21:44

File a police complaint and also file suit for possession and title. for more advice please contact me.

23 Feb, 2022 | 18:57

Sir, I'll provide you certain legal suggestions, but for that i need to ask certain questions from you. For any further assistance, feel free to contact me on 9876784071 or through my e-mail or google page.

Shubham Pabbi & Associates

Shubham Pabbi 23 Feb, 2022 | 19:44

Yes you can contact me anytime.

Asker 23 Feb, 2022 | 19:31

Can I contact you sir ?? But iam sorry sir I don't have anything to give you in return

23 Feb, 2022 | 18:52

How was land sold, whether any sale deed was executed,do you collected documents
Give me details information about the matter then we will discuss your case
You can call me for advise

Asker 23 Feb, 2022 | 19:34

I don't know anything about it sir


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