Varanasi | 21 Jul, 2021 (1 year, 8 months ago)

Property Law

Having a problem land dispute within family and police supports them for money

There is land is with the plot number 86 and five brothers owns that land out of which the smalkler brother had made house in the middle while the second number brother made house at the very first corner and third fourth number brothers land is left vacant while the fifth brother had boundary of about 3 feets on his land and he feeds his cows on that. but the second number brother is saying that he wants about half of the land from the boundary and the elder brother denied. The 2nd one called police and gave them money and police is also supporting him police is not letting the elder brother to do there work on the field need a consultation regarding this we had also filed a complaint against the police office but the police department is also supporting his police officer.2nd brother had filed an NCR and a case of IPC 116 regarding this. The date for next order is 26 July, please help.
22 Jul, 2021 | 08:09

Dear sir
I would like to see documents like complaint copy and other.documemts
You can mail me on

21 Jul, 2021 | 21:14

Do you have copy of complaint ? If yes, then show me, so that i could suggest you something.
For any further assistance, feel free to contact me on my e-mail ""

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