Coimbatore | 18 Jun, 2022 (9 months, 1 week ago)

Property Law

Grandmother's will to father's 2nd wife. Ist wife alive not divorced. will OK?

Grandmother writes a will in favor of father's second wife and expired. First wife is alive and not divorced yet. Is the will is valid for second wife or not?
24 Jun, 2022 | 18:55

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Komal Tyagi Advocate
Criminal & Civil Lawyer

Founder- Justice In You

18 Jun, 2022 | 13:33

Get the will document reviewed from a lawyer by personally consulting a lawyer. Without going through the document it will not be possible to address any query. Thank you.
Adv Vaidehi Samant

Asker 02 Sep, 2022 | 13:55

Question is simple is any will favouring second wife is valid or not If the first wife is not divorsed

18 Jun, 2022 | 13:29

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Shubham Pabbi & Associates

18 Jun, 2022 | 13:00

Please mention whether the property is coparcenary ancestral property
Give me detail information of the matter then we will discuss your case
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