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Property Law

Grandmother's Property Dispute

My grandmother (only child to her parents) got a property which her father directly registerd in her name from a seller in 1930-1940s. My grandmother had two sons one my father (expired in 1995) and elder son is my uncle who is alive. My grandmother expired in 2010. Property in discussion is a 20 acre land. Before her death in 2008 my uncle had got this entire land in his name by telling my mother and grand mother that he need to take bank loan for getting that land in good shape (at that time it was not in good shape). Believing him my grand mother and mother who doesn't understand all these had put her signature and thumb print in registrar office, where in the documents it was mentioned that grandmother is transferring entire property to him. In that transfered document it is mentioned, like my grandmother saying this is my self acquired property and also it's mentioned I have got this property from my father as, "Stree Dhana", which is like a gift. Now in 2022 my uncle is planning to transfer this entire land to his 3 sons. We are 3 chldrn, am the only son and two sisters. Do we hv rights in claiming this property, can we try this case in court, pls sugest
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