Tanuku | 27 Mar, 2021 (2 years, 2 months ago)

Property Law

Grandma property

My faher mother(grandma)have 2 akhers land is inherited property from her parents my grandma gives to my aunts (fathers sisters) to halfakhers each and 3rd halfakher selled due to my grandmoher helthissue but i have a kidney health issue at 14 years old and have it is neglected it is serioused but my grand parents see happy and enjoy with 1/2akherland 1/2akher's money but did not care at all they have a helthissce they can slod akhers and happy but ther grand son have helthisue they didn't care this is unfair by grandson have brithright to grandmother property plse tell me because they will have their punshments

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