Varanasi | 11 Aug, 2021 (1 year, 9 months ago)

Property Law

Grandfathers name not registered on land

In 2014, my father inherited certain portion of a house (mutually agreed among all the legal heirs) that was built by my grandfather on the piece of land that my grandfather purchased around 60 years back. Now, when my father tried to get the land transferred on his name, he got to know that the property is not transferred on my grandfather's name. However, the records still have name of the person, from whom my grandfather purchased the land around 60 years' back. Just to note, my family have been living in that house for almost 60 years and still living in the house. Please guide me, how can the property be transferred on my father's name. And, is there anything, we should be worried about?
12 Aug, 2021 | 08:35

Dear sir
You can give me details information about the matter then I can advise you.
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