Samastipur | 28 Jun, 2021 (1 year, 11 months ago)

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Hi experts, I am Hindu undivided family. My ( D2 ) father who had expired in 1984 having two wives: W1 & W2. & 4 daughter: D1, D2,D3,D4 . D1 ( 71 yr age ) daughter is from W1 wife & D2, D3,D4 from W2 wife. I am D2 (52 yr age ) eldest daughter from W2 wife. My father did marry from W1 in 1948 & from W2 in 1967. My mother -W2 is still alive but first wife W1 my step mother had died in 1986. My father had ancestral property & some own property. My elder sister -D1 from W1 wife has executed (60 %) a gift deed forcefully from my father before 03 months of his expiring taking advantage from his illness & unsoundness of mind & three step sisters having age just below 12 yrs ( MINOR ) without any consent from W2 second wife of my father. Due to big liabilities of three daughter of W2 could not file suit for objection in court at that time. Now my mother is free after all three daughters got married. Now my eldest step sister -D1 is going to sale gifted property phase wise along with left ( 40% ) property also. Presently W2 (age: 74) D1- (age: 71 ), D2- ( age: 52) D3 –( age: 49 ) D4- ( age- 47 ) Please give me your invaluable advice that Can I move to court.
28 Jun, 2021 | 12:42

Respected madam
Show me gift deed and other documents
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