Solan | 08 Mar, 2021 (2 years ago)

Property Law

Gidance regarding transfer of land.

This case relates to Himachal Pradesh . District Solan . One Mr Buddhu had got two wives namely Kashmiru & Devki . Both were married before 1955 . Buddhu expired in 1962 .The property of Buddhu was ancestral property. After the Death of Buddhu , the property were transferred in the name of Kashmiru and Devki equally . Both kashmiru and Devki were issueless. Kashmiru died in 1981 . After the death of Kashmiru , her entire share was transferred in the name of Devki , whereas no deed , no will and no gift deed was signed in favour of Devki by Kashmiru. Devki expired in 2009. Before death she registered a will in favour of RAM CHAND (Third Party, Not legal Heir) . FOLLOWING QUERIES ARE PLACED : 1.) Is the transfer of share of Kashmiru was valid ?! 2.) Whether Devki can registered will of her own & Kashmiru's share ?! 3.) Whether the share of Kashmiru was required to be transferred to the legal heir of the husband as there is no legal relation between Devki & Kashmiru .?!

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