Jind | 19 Sep, 2022 (6 months, 1 week ago)

Property Law

Fathers property

After my father dearh he left behind 5 sons and 2 daughters all are married…. He was the legal owner of the house where he used to stay. He had made no will. He died almost 19 yrs ago. He has emotions with the house so we dcided not to sell. But nows the house is collapsing and no one is over there to take care of it.. We all shifted to diff states. We are left with 2 Brothers including me and 2 sisters.
26 Sep, 2022 | 13:05

You have not specified whether your mother is alive or not. If she is alive then the property will devolve upon the widow and seven children each having equal undivided share thereon. If your mother is not alive then seven children of your deceased father will inherit that property, each of them having undivided one seventh share therein and for name substitution in Record of Rights, it will be necessary to have Legal Heir Certificate in favour of the legal heirs and heiresses of your deceased father. If three sons of your deceased father have died afterwards, then their widow and children will be considered as the legal heirs and heiresses in the place and stead of those deceased sons of your deceased father.

20 Sep, 2022 | 21:56

The property will be equally divided between all the legal heirs of your father including your sisters . For further information you can contact us at 9811259959


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