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Family settlement deed and Release deed - Advise

one clarification on Family settlement deed and Release deed. Person A ( Father) executed the Registered Family settlement deed on Apr 1966 to distribute the complete (Ancestors and Private) property among 6 Family members. One of the Family member person X raised the dispute and served lawyer notice to his father on his portion of Assets distributed via Registered Family settlement deed is not acceptable on 1st of May 1970.(after 4 years). Then Mr X. executed the Registered Release deed behalf of his father on 27th of June 1970 , to release the 10 Items of properties in whole family assets , then mention in the release deed ,I don’t have any rights of the whole Family assets except these 10 Items. Here the question is :- Mr X received 2 Items of properties via Registered Family settlement Deed. ( not cancelled due to others) Mr X received 10 Items of Properties via Registered Release deed Now , Mr X is eligible to claim both the properties 12 Items ? or only which received via Registered Release deed ? Please advice on this and provide the any case example, if you have on this, so it will be more helpful.
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