Thiruverumbur | 16 Jun, 2021 (1 year, 11 months ago)

Property Law

Fabrication of document

In lower court partition suit a agreement between brothers was filed in which penalty clause was described as"In the event of failure of settlement of Rs.40000/- to the 3rd party (Myself) within 6 all 3 brothers would accept Rs.1,20,000/- and execute release deed giving up 3/4th share to me. Partition suit was dismissed in lower court i.e., unfavour to me and thereafter filed appeal in high court. High Court confirmed my 1/4th share based on Sec 17 of Registration Act and Sec 53-A of Transfer of Property Act.Release deed could not be registered due to non submission of ITC, no return of jewels and non settlement of balance consideration amount. Now aggrieved parties filed SLP in supreme court with a fabrication document i.e., agreement of release in which penalty clause was fabricated as " In the event of non settlement of Rs.40000/- within 6 months all 3 brothers should settle Rs.1,20,000 to me and execute release deed. Based on the above distortion honourable supreme court gave a Status Quo Order with a directions to resolve the dispute by way of settlement for which I gave denial letter and it was also recorded with the court. Now I am anxiously waiting what will happen next?
16 Jun, 2021 | 19:06

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