Allahabad | 26 Dec, 2020 (2 years, 1 month ago)

Property Law

Do my divorced paternal aunt has any right on my father’s property?

My father has a disputed property a disputed house basically, it isn’t an owned property it was an alloted property which was alloted to my grandfather by the real owner but after his death a case was filed and we were declared the Legal tenents of that house by the lower court, the case is still running in the lower courts and as a legal tenant the rent is paid in the court but the main problem is my paternal aunt (i.e. my father’s real sister) who is divorced she is living in that house and she doesn’t lets us live in that house peacefully, she taunts us when we go there so legally does she has any right to live in that already disputed house even if my father is fighting the case of that house and he pays all the electricity bills, house tax and water tax etc of that house?

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