Kolkata | 21 Aug, 2021 (1 year, 9 months ago)

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Do Gift deed requires other legal heirs to be informed about the same?

My grandfather has acquired property (11 Kottah land with building and structures) from my great grandfather after his death. My grandfather has 5 sons + 3 daughters + 7 grandson + 6 granddaughters. He died in Dec-2017. Until Aug-2020, property tax and paper was in his name. In Sep-2020, we came to know that property has been gifted to one of his daughter-in-law in Jun-2009. None of the other family members were informed about this deed earlier. Property has municipal tax pending since 2014 and yet due. However name changed recently in municipal records despite dues not cleared. Do we have any ground to challenge this gift deed? What are legal options available? Can other son and daughter take possession of the property?
22 Aug, 2021 | 08:39

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21 Aug, 2021 | 16:46

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