Chennai | 16 Sep, 2021 (1 year, 4 months ago)

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Customization issue with builder

I have bought a flat in chennai. We requested concrete loft in kitchen. Initially we asked in on west wall but the customization person suggested us to place it on North wall so that it will be invisible to guests and will be a lengthy one. So we placed on North wall. 1) The loft was placed but the issue is the chimney hole is inside the loft, they mentioned the chimney hole in diagram but not with exact length/dimension from the wall. 2) Light and fan points on the ceiling are getting affected they are very near to the loft so it will not be useful and HINDERENCE to loft shutter.3) During first visit after lock down we saw this issue and asked to remove the loft (communicated in email?) But builder said he will move the chimney hole and all light and fan points , so we sent another email not to remove the loft. 4) On another visit he mentioned the chimney hole can't be moved it will affect the elevetion so can't get cc . 5) we charged 10000 for placing loft and had confused to remove it or not, after month we asked to remove it but again they are asking 10000 for removal charge. As it is techinical fault , who should be liable for this builder / me?
16 Sep, 2021 | 10:50

You can send legal notice through your advocate and can claim removal of chemny hole
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16 Sep, 2021 | 10:44

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