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Property Law

Conditions in Gift Deed

Grandfather is gifting flat to minor grandson, but has right to share the said flat, take rental income and to arrange for expenses throughout his (grandfather) life. Request experts advice on below clauses of this conditional gift deed. (1) Actual physical possession of the Said Property has been handed over by the Donor to the Donee, and Donee is in possession of the same at the time of execution of this Gift Deed. Donor, being head of the family, is entitled to share the said property with Donee. (2)Donor is entitled to receive the leave and license fees, rents, issues and profits thereof and of every part thereof to during his life time for his own use. (3)All Society charges, Municipal and other taxes, and other maintenance expenses relating to the said Property shall be borne, paid and discharged by the Donor throughout his (Donor) life, and thereafter that shall be borne, paid and discharged by the Donee.
06 Dec, 2021 | 06:32

Dear client
As per your submission it reveals that this is a matter of Gift deed as per transfer of property Act
Give me details information about the matter then we will discuss your case
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05 Dec, 2021 | 14:27

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