Navi Mumbai | 15 Aug, 2021 (1 year, 9 months ago)

Property Law

Conditions in Conditional Gift Deed

Dear Experts, Please let me know if below conditions in conditional gift deed to my grandson is appropriate and valid for immovable property in Thane, Maharashtra. Thank you in advance for your reply and guidance. " Simultaneously with the execution of the gift deed, vacant and peaceful possession of the Schedule Property is handed over by the Donor to the Donee on the spot under the following conditions, hereafter referred as Conditions of Gift Deed, which are to be observed by Donor and Donee : (a) Donor is rightful to receive the rents from the property throughout his life. (b) Donor has right to reside in the Schedule Property throughout his life. (c) Donee, after death of the Donor, is entitled to transfer the Schedule Property as he (Donee) likes, and shall produce the death certificate of Donor to get the Schedule Property transferred in his name in support of this deed."
15 Aug, 2021 | 13:12

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