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Property Law

Common passage issue

My father and his brother are received the Property from their father . in that my father got back side of the property and my uncle received the front portion of the property with the three feat common passage where common passage is only way for my father . in the partition deed my father and his brother declared that no person should not do any construct in the common passage. now my uncle file suit against my father not to lay any drainage pipes in the common area. in the partition deed both are not mention about the drainage pipelines. and my uncle also constructed slab on the three feet common passage.even local authorities not taking any action Even after complaint. kindly guide what are the steps we have to take to stop the construction and to place the drainage pipe lines
01 Mar, 2022 | 18:53

Write complaint to local municipal authority. If construction is not according to sanction plan, they will demolish the illegal construction.
In the alternative you can file for permanent injunction and damages in Court
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