Mumbai | 15 Dec, 2022 (3 months, 1 week ago)

Property Law

can society DIRECTLY transfer the 2nd owners name in 100% WHEN 1ST OWNER DIED

in our agreement there is two names 1st is my father and 2nd is my mother, now father expired in 2007, at that time society was not registered, society registered in 2021 but society not informed us, now at the time of redevelopment process they told in 2022 that society have registered, we already 2-3 time told the chairman that we want to add names of 2 brothers name who are legal heirs, all documents by law we have raedy to submitt but society refuse to receive 2-3 times, now they told us that sign development agreement than we proceed to add your names , now our society told us to sign development agreement for fast process of redevopment only in the name of mother (the 2nd owner's name) only...mother signed the development agreement and registration done for the same, now society fefuse to add our (brothers) name in that... now what should we do... as its not our fault..please guide us..

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