Bengaluru | 31 Mar, 2021 (1 year, 10 months ago)

Property Law

Buying a site with certified copies of mother deed (as originals with co-buyer)

A seller owning two sites (1 & 2) in Bangalore with a single mother deed is selling a site to me & another to Mr. X. He is telling he will give original mother deed to Mr. X, & certified copy of the same to me during registration. 1. Is it safe to buy with certified copy? Will there are any legal issues involved, when I want to re-sell in future? 2. Is it required to get any Affidavit/Certificate from the owner, stating that "the original mother deed is given to Mr. X (buyer of site no. 1), and a certfied copy is handed over to me (buyer of site no. 2)". If so, is it realy realy necessary to register such a certificate? 3. Is it necessary to include any clause in Sale deed stating "about getting only certified copies, and originals are with Mr. X", or something similar to this? 4. Will it be possible to get the certified copy of a sale deed (which is registered in June 1989) in bangalore? 5. Will the banks have any problems in giving loans with certified copies of mother deed?

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