Mumbai | 20 Aug, 2021 (1 year, 9 months ago)

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Building repairs

I am a tenant (pagdi) in the current premises for the last 59 years. My family has been living here since 1945. The house waS on my aunts name n due to old age tge premises was transferred in my name in 1992. My landlord has sent me a letter for contribution to the bldg repairs and he has quoted that I hv to contribute my part as per the revision in the Maharashtra rent control act where tenants of bldgs have to contribute their share for the upkeep and maintenance of the bldg. The letter states that the current repairs estimate cost is around 6.6 lakhs n exact amount will be communicated during or after completion of repairs. He has divided this amount by 4 flats equally. He has said my part to contribute is 1.6 lakhs. Please guide me or advise me on tge correct way forward legally as well as financially my contribution if it is applicable .FYI . The bldg comprises of ground plus three floors individual premises . Ground floor tenant myself 1 bhk 510 sq ft 1st floor tenant tenant 620 sq ft 2 nd floor 620 sq ft 3rd floor 620 sq ft. Terrace above
20 Aug, 2021 | 15:02

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