Ghaziabad | 02 May, 2022 (10 months, 3 weeks ago)

Property Law

Builder has shown fake due bal in his books and irp want the money

Builder has given me possession and possesion letter on 2020 after clearing all the payments nothing due was left . Now on 2022 builder files for insolvency and an irp got assigned who was in favor of builder now the irp called me and asked me to give 6 lac + 2 lac interest as possession charges which was showing due at builder books or give me no due certificate so i will dismisse the charges now builder has never told me about no due certificate and neither he gave a certificate he only gave me possession letter now what should i do i have already made all payments i have possession letter. What to do now
09 May, 2022 | 20:03

You may contact us.

Komal Tyagi Advocate
LL.M.- Criminal Law

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02 May, 2022 | 21:53

If you have paid all amount due on time according to the builder buyer agreement, then nothing to worry.
Show all payment receipts to IRP.

Kunal Seth 03 May, 2022 | 18:55

Explain basis of credit note to IRP

Asker 03 May, 2022 | 12:19

Builder has issue a credit note of 5 l which i wasn't aware of so irp is saying on which basis he has given that credit note now you have to give back the amount

02 May, 2022 | 19:23

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Shubham Pabbi & Associates

02 May, 2022 | 17:20

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02 May, 2022 | 14:45

How were the payments made? Can you show from the allotment letter and payment proofs/receipts that the total consideration was made. You will have to revert back to the demand letter of the IRP and also file your claim as to execution of registration of property in your name.

Kindly contact for further assistance and guidance.

Adv Shradha Agrawal

Shradha Agrawal 02 May, 2022 | 14:54

Then how do you decide the total consideration towards the flat

Shradha Agrawal 02 May, 2022 | 14:53

However, you will have to officially respond to the IRP stating all the above. This is important to create official record that nothing is due. So that when you approach the NCLT, they will understand that you communicated the same to IRP but he did not agree.

Asker 02 May, 2022 | 14:53

I have allottment letter in which it is mentioned only that flat no. This is on sale

Asker 02 May, 2022 | 14:51

Builder has taken a single shot payment from me online without any bifurcation so nothing is mention the whole amount consists everything its just a whole amount

Shradha Agrawal 02 May, 2022 | 14:50

Does your allotment letter mention anything on possession charges? If not, then state the same in the reply. If still irp does not agree to it then you will have to approach the NCLT

Asker 02 May, 2022 | 14:49

All these charges are false since builder haven't gave me any no due certificate irp is saying you have to go to court and all

Asker 02 May, 2022 | 14:48

Payments were made online and already had filled the claim for registration of property he said there is a due bal in builder books which is 6lac + 2lac intrest as possession charges you haven't paid

02 May, 2022 | 14:13

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