Bhopal | 15 Apr, 2022 (11 months, 2 weeks ago)

Property Law

Bought building with roof,now came to know roof was sold separately years back

Seller (C) the first seller who sold to (B) WITHOUT roof in 2009, seller (B) sold the building WITH roof to (A) and seller (A) sold it to me WITH roof without informing me anything about roof issue. -I bought a building which has multiple cells(prakoshths) &shops. Present seller (A) sold it to me with complete roof.. I have paid for the whole house including roof to (A) Now it has come to my notice that roof was separately sold by first seller (C) to an UNKNOWN person in 2009 itself( The roof also has illegal floor constructed). I know I can approach consumer court and also file case of fraud against seller (A) and (B) but that will be a long process .My question is , DID the seller (C) have any RIGHTS to sell only roof of a biulding separately where building has may cells (apartments or prakosths) and shops.CAN I GET THE SALE OF ROOF DONE BY (C) BE DECLARED ILLEGAL and INVALID, and how can I pressurise (C) to accept it that he did a crime by selling common area the roof
16 Apr, 2022 | 00:25

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