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An apartment flat is on the name of a mother and her two sons. The mother has ex

An apartment flat is on the name of a mother and her two sons. The mother has expired. Her two sons want to sell the flat by producing their mother's death certificate. Both of them have agreed to come to the registrar office and register. As the property is also on the name of mother, do her daughters and grand sons/daughters become the legal heirs of the said property or not ? If they are the heirs, how to take No Objection from them ? Should the registration take place only after taking an NOC from them ?
26 Apr, 2022 | 15:50

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19 Apr, 2022 | 21:34

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19 Apr, 2022 | 16:07

See if there is no will, then of course by way of intestate succession (without will or any mode of transfer of property), all of the property will now go to the children or anyone else who might have survived. Now in your case you are saying that two brothers were also co-owners with the mother, then here no NOC is required. But if the brothers were not co-owners along with the mother then NOC will be required, i.e. your sisters.


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