Navi Mumbai | 26 Jul, 2017 (3 years, 7 months ago)


The legal aspects for starting a crowdfunding web portal.

We are planning to start a new crowdfunding website. I want to know the legal aspects for starting a crowdfunding web portal. Please help me with the same.

At present Only donation based crowd funding is allowed in India.

Equity crowd funding though are not regulated as of date either by SEBI or RBI, still come under the ambit of SEBI and RBI and hence we do not have start up's operating on equity crowd funding space.

However we have Peer to peer lending portals such as Lendbox, faircent, i2i lending etc which connect borrowers with lenders.
it is a sort of crowd funding, but since there are no regulations by government authorities such as SEBI and RBI, are operating on platform model, where borrowers are connected to lenders and these portals charge a commission on each transaction(monies deposited, lent, EMI' collection etc)


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