Hyderabad | 20 Jul, 2018 (2 years, 7 months ago)


Residency requirements for divorce in India for marriages registered in USA

I am a US Citizen (Indian origin, moved to US in 1998) and my wife is an Indian citizen. Our daughter is born in the USA (8 months old) and we came to India on April 1st since my mother-in-law was terminally Ill. She passed away recently, my wife does not want my child to be close to my parents and hence she is finding reasons and trying to find fault with them to not let my child be here and threatening with a divorce and that I would loose Child custody. For her to file in India, what is the minimum requirement amount of time that we need to be in India and living separately if she wants to file for divorce? I do not want a divorce and want our family to be together and would like to move back to India and settle down in India. But she is adamant and thinks that we need to go back to USA so that my parents will be away from my daughter.

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