New Delhi | 13 Jun, 2018 (2 years, 8 months ago)


Mutation of land got under neelami order by Munsif Court in the year 1935

My grandfather got neelami property measuring 14 kattha by court order of Munsif Court Gopalganj Bihar in 1935 . The land is in our possession . The neelami paper was misplaced for many years and we couldn't get mutation of the land. We have got the paper now but the order is 84 years old and the karamchari and the circle officer are asking to produce Dakhal Dehani Certificate. The records of the year 1935 has been destroyed by the court and we cannot get Dakhal Dehani Certificate from the court. The court is ready to give me a certificate in writing that the record of the year 1935 has been destroyed .Now the opposite party from whom we had got the land by neelami order has suddenly become active. Now under such circumstances I would like to know whether the ownership of the land become null and viod. What is the process of dakhil KHARIJ in such circumstances. Please advise me.

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