Faridabad | 05 Mar, 2018 (3 years, 1 month ago)


Issues in my married life disturbing me mentally & it becomes torture

It becomes very difficult for me to continue my married life as my wife has crossed all the limits to torture me mentally. It was started when my mother and my wife started conflicting with each other and because of my anger and my wife's anger, we end up doing fights almost all the time when we talk to each other. We both have different thinking and we don't like each other's interference in our decisions. She involved her family almost every time when we fight with each other. Her family has a huge role to play in our fights & now it has crossed all limits and we had a fight wherein her 3 brothers abused me and my mother and they were warning me of killing me from the knife, gun. They have done it before & I'm afraid that they will not hesitate in doing the same again. I need help to get the divorce from my wife.

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