Mumbai | 09 Mar, 2019 (1 year, 12 months ago)


Housing Society Deemed Conveyance Deed for Commercial Premises

We have two commercial properties in a housing society which has residential units as well. For Deemed Conveyance for Land Title, do the commercial units need to pay more than the residential units? The title will be with Housing Society eventually so it should be divided in equal parts irrespective of commercial or residential unit. Am I right?

Dear Sir,
Irrespective of nature of building equal ration/parts of land to be divided and shared amont the purchasers.
For instance, if 4 equally sized apartments of 1000 sq ft were built on one ground of land which measures 2400 sq ft, the UDS will be calculated as below: UDS = Super built-up area of individual flat / Sum of all flats' built-up area X Total land area UDS = 1000 X 2400 / 4000 UDS of individual flat = 800 sq ft.


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