Hyderabad | 18 Mar, 2018 (2 years, 11 months ago)


False 420 FIR registered

HI There, I have been falsely framed with a 420 FIR registered where the complainant has approached me to invest in our company where he infused certain amount through his wife and later withdrew from the plan and obtained cheques from me by mere pressure against my free will. They have also sent an email stating the investment would be considered as loan if the finalisation of agreement of partnership is not done. The husband took me in confidence that cheques are obtained as security and forced me to issue cheques on the demanded date for which i believed and gave. And apart from that i have as i had multiple accounts and these cheques were taken from me on the road where too much of pressure and stress was given on me by them i incorrectly signed the cheques assuming it to be correct. however i also sent an email stating not to deposit the cheques multiple times for which they will fully deposited the cheques and filed a false case as 420. i am a growing entrepreneur and this is really bothering me. wanted to seek some advice as i have all the evidences like emails, WhatsApp chat msgs etc which proves cheques were issued on husbands direction and emails not to deposit.

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