Chandigarh | 26 Nov, 2020 (4 months, 2 weeks ago)


Can you send me the copy of award passed by any Facilitation council under MSME

Reference made by the seller to the council and council issued notice to the buyer about the reference.After that council issued notice and asked the buyer to appear before the MSMEF council meeting,the buyer didn't come.After that council issued notice to the parties to resolve the matter and submit their statements through affidavit within 15 days.The seller filed the statement, but the buyer didn't.Again notice sent to the buyer that statement filed by the seller,no response.Council decided to pass an ex parte order,however show cause was issued to the buyer to explain as why the ex parte award not issued.In reply to show cause notice,the buyer submitted that he has asked for the funds from the higher authorities and requested to grant more time.In this case,the buyer didn't come for conciliation and now asking for time, can the council issue ex parte award after the response by the buyer

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