Ghaziabad | 08 Mar, 2021 (1 month, 1 week ago)


BOB credited ₹50000 in my A/c on 28/12/20 & debited my a/c wid same mny o 4/3/21

Just noticed that Bank of Baroda credited my account with ₹50000 on 28-12-20 and debited the same amount on 5-3-21. I never withdraw more ney from this account and use it to get refunds from online shopping. Usually no statement comes from BOB but this time in mach 21 a statement came from them where I found this fraud. Why are they doing this illegal act in my Bank account ? What should I do to be safe ? Shall I remove all my hard earned money from this account and close it ? Shall I fill a case against this fraud in court ? Please advice

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