May 05,2020 | 5 min read

What happens to employees of company when that company is sold - Advocate Jaydeep Mehta #AMALawyered

Lawyered presents Advocate Jaydeep MehtaDesignated Partner - LexStreet Advisors LLP, in Ask-Me-Anything #AMALawyered series by Lawyered.


What happens to the employees of a company when that company is sold?

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Jaydeep Mehta

"Jaydeep is a B.Com. from University of Mumbai & a Law graduate from University of Mumbai, & LLM from Sardar Patel University. He has also CS ( Inter). He is an Advocate-on-Record registered with Bar Council of Maharashtra & Goa and also with Bar Council of Gujarat having extensive experience of 28 years in Legal & Secretarial profession. He appears before High Courts, NCLT, SEBI, SAT, DRTs, District Court and Consumer Forums. He contributes articles and posts on legal issues on Linked in."