Oct 30,2019 | 5 min read

Webinar on Startup Funding and Finances by Advocate Madhavan Srivatsan

Webinar on Startup Funding & Finances - Legal Perspective by Advocate Madhavan Srivatsan

Lawyered and Supreme Cowork jointly organized #MentorHours on 28th October 2019. The session was delivered by Advocate Madhavan Srivatsan. It was a webinar on Startup Funding & Finances - Legal Perspective.

Advocate Madhavan Srivatsan's Feedback:

"Thanks for arranging the Webinar. It was managed in quite a professional manner without any hiccups. It was quite a pleasant experience and the nature of queries at the end was quite interesting and educative as well. I hope I was able to add some value to the participants. Thanks, Lawyered Team."

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