Aug 28,2020 | 04 min read

Virtual Courts: Future Of Litigation In India By Shantanu Awasthi

The Covid 19 pandemic has revealed the link between the legal industry and technological networks. Virtual courts have sprung up in no time to expedite the legal process. Through suo-moto cognizance, the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India decided on 6 April 2020 to hear court proceedings over audiovisual mediums due to the outbreak of the global pandemic. While the adoption of technology is a good sign, the Indian legal apparatus, however, still continues to be inept in handling virtual courts. The shift to the visual medium has been rather swift and drastic and the consequences of such a phenomenal step are still being assessed. The author Shantanu Awasthi throws light on the same issue in this article and the influence technology is likely to have on legal proceedings in India. 

This article was first published on LinkedIn. It can be accessed here.

The Future of Lawyers: Legal Tech, AI, Big Data And Online Courts

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