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Virtual Book Release "A wisdom to Intellectual Property Laws" with Adv. Pratik Harsh

Book launch allows one to make a personal connection with your guests. Whether it be a private or public event, book launch parties allow one to personalize the emotion behind the pages and provide an experience for your guests. Lawyered is proud to announce the virtual release of its book titled ‘A wisdom to Intellectual Property Laws’ authored by Adv. Pratik Harsh, Advocate, Founder & Partner, Vidhinyas Solicitors & Associates and Prof. (Dr.) Vaibhav Goel Bhartiya, Professor and Dean at Faculty of Law Swami Vivekanand Subharti University and Dr. Piyush Agarwal, Partner & Director, Prabhat Prakashan Pvt. Ltd.

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Pratik Harsh

Pratik Harsh began his journey from the O.P Jindal school of law and marked his demonstrated journey where now he is the founder partner of Vidhinyas Solicitors and Associates LLP. He’s also working with 2 International Law firms in the US and further he is even assisting actress Bhumi Pednekar for IP protection. He plays a key role in business development and strategy and consultation for firms. He holds a genuine insight into Merger and acquisitions, Corporate restructuring, Compliances management. With his ability to tie in the dynamics of Intellectual Property Law, Family Disputes and Commercial Contracts he showcased his fine cases with significant groups such as the Kalyan Group and Carlson Group. His constant hardwork and dedication makes him a nominee for Indian Young Achievers Award and Brand Impact Award. He develops tremendous knowledge over the years for IPR filings, Legal Documentation, and conducting corresponding legal formalities. He is adept in conducting and preparing for seminars, client presentations, and negotiations.


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