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Vakalat & Affidavits To Be Filled To Move The Supreme Court

High Court of Karnataka on Minimum Wages

As you are aware the Honorable Divisional Bench of the High Court of Karnataka has passed an Order dated 13th April 2020 on the Writ Appeal made by Employers challenging the Order of the Lower Bench of the High Court.

The Division Bench has said that Considering the present situation (Covid 19- lockdown), to enable the aggrieved parties to approach the higher court, this judgment will not be implemented for 12 weeks from 13-Apr-2020

Accordingly, Dr Gubbi’s House of Justice is initiating to move the Honorable Supreme Court at the earliest time to attempt to bring a relief and also to attempt to bring a STAY on the Order of the Divisional Bench.

In this context, such of the Employers affected by this Order of the Divisional Bench and willing for this initiative are requested to  fill in the attached VAKALAT & AFFIDAVITS and reach them  IN TWO SETS  to the undersigned IMMEDIATELY and not later than Monday, 15th JUNE 2020. You have to reach these  documents at : Dr Gubbi, Advocate, FKCCI, K G ROAD, BANGALORE-560009.

The Professional   Fee   to   move   the   Honorable   Supreme  Court will be intimated to you.

Attached Please find,

1)   VAKALATS AND AFFIDAVITS to be filled and signed by you. Please reach TWO SETS OF THESE to us.

2)   A brief on how to fill the Vakalat & Affidavits. The method briefed have to be followed.

Points to be complied while filling and signing the Vakalat & Affidavits:

a) There are four documents attached to be filled and signed by you: AFFIDAVIT-SLP, Additional document Affidavit, Stay Application Affidavit, and            Vakalatnama

b) The date/ place have to be filled in as per the date/ place of execution. (The Affidavits have to be notarized. We will do this)

c) Additionally, GPA/ Board Resolution/ Authorization Letter for person executing the above documents are also required.

d) The Vakalatnama should also be affixed with the stamp and seal of the Company/Partnership.

e) The following notes to be borne in mind:

     (i) All the pages shall be printed on A4 size on both sides on a white paper.
     (ii) Please do not make any changes in the font and spacing of the attached documents.

If you have any queries on how to take printouts of Affidavits, vakalatnama's, you can speak with me.
Should you require any clarity you may contact me on mob: 8105671578, landline: 080-22262355/56.

Our email ids: attorney@drgubbishouseofjustice.com


Document Affidavit

Affidavit SLV

Stay Application



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