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Physical Possession of the Documents | Not compulsory

Physical Possession of the Documents - Not a compulsion anymore

There is no need to carry the physical document while you are driving!!!

The Transport Department of the Delhi Government recently issued a notice clarifying that now the drivers need not carry the physical copy of the driving documents like Driving License and Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC). These documents can be shown to the Traffic Police and the Enforcement Wing of the Transport Department on a digital platform like Digi locker or the mParivahan mobile app. Soon after the decision of the Transport Department of the Delhi Government, the Central Government also gave relief to drivers across the country. As per the order issued from the Union Ministry of Transport and Highways, now there will be no need to carry Driving Licence (DL) and Registration Certificates (RC) while driving across the country.

Legal Validity of Documents on Digital Platform:

The documents on the Digi locker platform or mParivahan mobile app are considered legally valid documents according to the Motor Vehicle Act,1988. The originality of the documents available on the Digi-locker platform or on the mParivahan mobile app is recognised under the Information and Technology Act, 2000.

The validity of the documents is considered to be at par with the physical documents that are issued by the transport department. However, the soft copy of either of the documents maintained in any other form is not acceptable as the original documents. 

What is Digi-Locker?

Digi-Locker is a cloud-based platform for storing, sharing, and verifying documents and certificates. It aims at providing ‘Digital Empowerment’ to the citizen by providing access to authentic digital documents in the citizen’s digital documents wallet.

What is the mParivahan mobile app?

With smartphones becoming the most popular gadget and their use becoming almost universal, the government has released the mParivahan App. All essential information about the automobile can be obtained using the mParivahan App. Additionally, you may create a Virtual RC, Driver's Licence and pay road taxes also.

After downloading the mParivahan app, all you need to do is input your vehicle's registration number to see the following facts about your vehicle.

  • Validity of insurance

  • Validity of vehicle fitness

  • Certificate of pollution under control (PUC)

The following are some of the services that a mParivahan App user can avail of:

  • One can search for an RC/Registration Card

  • Can construct a fictitious Registration Card

  • Can create a Virtual Driver's License

There are some additional services that a mParivahan mobile App user can avail of. The following are:

  • DL Mock Test/ Driving License Mock Test

  • Nearest Pollution Checking Centre

  • Nearest RTO



With this legal decision of the government in place, now the traffic police can't force the drivers to show them the physical copy of the driving license(DL) or RC if they have shown an online copy of the same it in their Digi Locker or the mParivahan app. However, the physical copy of these documents have to be presented in case the documents are not presented digitally or through government mandated apps. 


Physical Possession of the Documents - Not a compulsion anymore 


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