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New Rules for Obtaining Driving License, 2022 | On-road Legal Assistance by Lawyered

Decision by the Union Ministry of Roads and Motorways under which the rules for obtaining a driving license has been modified is happily welcomed by all. According to the new rule, the driver no longer needs to go to the Regional Transport Office and wait in long lines to obtain a driver's license.  Furthermore, now to obtain a driving license, the driver can even forgo a driving  test. The Driving License New Rules will come into effect from 01.07.2022. Here are the new rules for obtaining a driving license: 

Driving License New Rules 2022 :

  1. According to the new rules, only private driving center’s are to be allowed to operate either by the state transport authority or the central government. The private driving schools are valid for 5 years and  have to renew their license after the term. Such action of the government will create a separate industry of the private driving schools.

  2. The one who clear the driving examination at the state authorized driving schools are exempted from taking a driving test at the RTO while applying for the license.The training institutes will get the accreditation and obtain affiliation, only after the state transport authority checks the following points:

    • Minimum area of land
    • A stimulator and a test track

    • Trainee must have a minimum educational qualification and a driving experience

    • Center must have Information technology and a biometric system

    • A high quality driving track test must be conducted

    • Different training duration for light, medium and heavy vehicle and a theoretical and a practical class.

    • Minimum area of land

    • A stimulator and a test track

  3. According to the New Rules for Driving License, the documents that are required to  apply for a Driver’s license are:
    • Educational certificate/ birth certificate/ passport/ pan card/ or employer certificate for age proof

    • Ration card/ passport/ Aadhar card/ rent agreement/ utility bill/ or Life Insurance policy certificate for address proof

    • Passport-size photograph

    • 4 Application Form

    • Forms 1 and 1A as a medical certificate

How to Apply for Driving License under New Rules of 2022:

By visiting the website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, one can easily find and fill the application form, upload all required documents, and pay the application fees of the desired state in which you reside. Submit the application form after checking the payment status. The person will receive the driving license at home via postal service.  


The idea behind implementing the new driver’s license rules is to address the issue of the increasing number of traffic accidents. Also, the new rule tries to educate drivers which will address the issue of the scarcity of the qualified drivers in India. 



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