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Minutes of Meeting | Download Free Templates

What is Minutes of Meeting?
Minutes of Meeting can be defined as the written record of everything that has happened during the meeting of Directors, keeping a track on attendance, what topics are decided during the meeting, so that one can use it for future references. There are certains points which are covered in minute meetings are Pre planning, recording , sharing of meeting minutes.

Why it is Important?
Minutes of Meeting is a very important document in any organisation , it sets out the Purpose of the meeting of directors, and its agenda everything happened during the meeting is recorded in a written form which can be used for future reference. It acts as a reminder, so no one can miss out their task, It also helps the members who were not present during the meeting to understand what was talked about, and what are the new agendas. It contains all the facts of the meeting and acts as a defence system in the time of crisis.

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