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#MentorHours POSH Training for India Accelerator by Adv. Yatish Kumar Goel

Complaints of sexual harassment are being filed even in these changed circumstances. This is because of several reasons such as – lack of awareness about the term ‘workplace,’ knowledge about the fact that it applies to remote working, among others. As a matter of policy, inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated irrespective of the location from which employees are working or the mode of communication used. India Accelerator and its associates take this very seriously.
In light of the above and to make compliance more convenient for you, India Accelerator conducted an open POSH Awareness Session in association with Lawyered on Thursday and Friday, 4th February and 5th February 2021 from 5.00pm to 6.00pm . The purpose of this interactive session was to educate & empower employees, staff and members about their rights as well as duties under the POSH Law.

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