Oct 14,2020 | 5 min read

#MentorHours by Lawyered on 'Protect your investment: A rundown on Patent Laws in India'

Lawyered presents the next edition of #MentorHours on 'Protect your investment: A rundown on Patent Laws in India'.

The webinar was conducted by Advocate R. P. Yadav - Managing Partner, sr4ipr Partners.

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R. P. Yadav

"Qualifications : 1. BSc (Hons) from AMU Aligarh in 1982, 2. LLB (Hons) from AMU Aligarh in 1985, 3. Diploma in Journalism from AMU Aligarh in 1986, Work Experience : 32 years 1. Founder and Managing Partner, sr4ipr Partners, Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys, an Intellectual Property (IP) Law Firm. Responsibilities: • Managing all kinds of IP related work at the firm, • Providing opinions / consultancy relating to different IPR issue. • Drafting of the required documents."