Aug 08,2020 | 08 min read

Litigants And The Lockdown: A Court Perspective By Kishan Dutt, Retired Judge

"In the months since the lockdown has been announced, the Supreme Court and many High Courts have made a fit case for moving proceedings online and making filings to the registrar through E-mail. Courts have even passed decorum rules for the presentation of lawyers during these online proceedings. Most importantly, courts have reduced the staffing capacities during the lockdown, and ensured that only essential matters are heard during the lockdown, " writes the author Kishan Judge, the Retired Judge in this article that discusses the structural alterations that the courts have had to undergo on account of Covid-19. The impact has been widespread of the tectonic changes that have come to govern the judiciary. <<Read More>>

Post Lockdown, Courts Must Return to Open Hearing, "Video Hearings ...

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About Advocate Kishan Dutt Kalaskar Retd Judge 20 years service as Judge in different capacities. Read and prepared Head Notes for more than 10,000 judgments of different High Courts and Supreme Court. Head Notes published by various Law Publishers. Now preparing Head notes for Worked in different capacities and dealt with several categories of cases. Having practical knowledge of law in practice and drafting and counselling.